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Facadelabs homepage
Facadelabs homepage

Located in New Jersey, and serving clientele nationwide, Facade Labs is a leading fabricator of rain-screen systems. With an impeccable attention to detail, our design team aims to deliver complex projects ahead of deadlines and within your budget. Our pioneering approach to construction has earned us a trusted reputation among some of them most prestigious general contractors and architects.

My Role

I partnered with an old friend and previous colleague, Matthew Joseph, to work on this project. He was in charge of designing the website and I, of the development.
This is a company Matthew has closely worked with before and he came to me to collaborate on bringing their new site to life.
The main focus of the design of the website was to showcase the type of products the company offered, displaying clients where the company’s products were used, and a way for customers to view the selection of products offered for sale.
Initially, the website was coded in HTML and CSS, so we can get a feel of how everything will look and work. After the site was approved by the client, I then proceeded to convert the static website into WordPress. I chose WordPress as the platform because I knew we wanted some sort of e-commerce feature. WooCommerce was a largely supported plugin for WordPress, so we chose that as our base.
I customized the product pages for WooCommerce to display the company’s product selection. I then had to incorporate a ‘quote’ feature instead of the direct purchasing of the product. This came as a slight challenge as there was no simple solution built into WooCommerce to handle what we wanted. After some customization of the setup, I was able to incorporate a ‘quote’ feature that allowed a potential customer to submit a quote for the intended purchase. Someone from the company would then review/approve the quote, which will automatically notify the customer via email.
Some of the other pages, such as the Project page, was built using WordPress’ custom post type which allowed the client to easily add new projects to their existing ones.
Facadelabs product page
Facadelabs product page
Facadelabs project page
Facadelabs Project page

Let's wrap up!

This website was a big project for me and it helped me to learn a lot about WordPress and WooCommerce. That was the first time I’ve implemented WooCommerce into a website after only reading about it previously. I now have usable experience for any future projects requiring implementation of WooCommerce and any custom page solution for WordPress.

Let's work

If you’d like to talk about a project you want help with, need an advice about building websites, or just want to say hey, just drop me a message at kev.rajaram@gmail.com