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Kevin Rajaram

Currently living in one of the greatest cities on earth, New York! I’m a Front-end Developer and Designer with 5+ years experience. I have a strong work ethic for producing quality deliverables to better assist and simplify the experience for users. I feel these qualities show in the work I create.

At the heart of everything, I’m a huge techie! I love technology and how it helps us, as humans push forward with things we didn’t think were possible. Some of the main tech that interests me are computers, phones, cameras, and the web!

I really got into using the computer in the early 2000s. I remember taking a web design class in high school and we were thought to use Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks. This class was my intro to computers, design, coding, and the web. I couldn’t believe that I, a 16 year old boy at the time, could build websites and have them viewable on the web by many others. That fascinated me to learn even more about it.

A couple years went by and I had been improving my skills using Photoshop and Illustrator. I had retired Fireworks and Flash, since newer technology made those obsolete. I now started using proper code editors that wasn’t as bulky as Dreamweaver and creating animations with CSS3 instead of Flash. This really showed how far I came learning these tools. As time went on, lots of other tools became of interest to me such as Adobe InDesign and After Effects. By learning these tools in my spare time, I was able to assist in roles that naturally didn’t fit for me but surprised everyone else. I feel that being a creative person, you have to continually experiment with different tools and grow your experience to be a well rounded individual.

At the present, I feel very comfortable using all of the tools I have been using over the years. I design and code websites from scratch, do photo retouching, manipulating, and compositing in Photoshop and Lightroom, illustrate vector drawings in Illustrator, layout and design publications in InDesign, create animations in After Effects, quickly edit videos in either Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, create mock-ups of websites and other UI in Sketch, and take some amazing photographs that are free to use on Unsplash.

I feel that being a creative person, you have to continually experiment with different tools and grow your experience to be a well rounded individual.

Over the past couple years, I had the privilege to work with a design team that helped me to grow. This was also reciprocated because I was able to teach many of my colleagues little tips and tricks about the programs they are using that helped them tremendously. I love to share and teach others whenever I can. By helping others, you get to improve yourself as a learner too. They all have a funny saying “Keep calm and call Kevin“. Because of all the knowledge and things I learn about pertaining to technology, I most likely could help or help find a solution to a problem if I don’t readily know it.

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me and why I love doing what I do. As I continue, I hope you will follow along with my work. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for lots or urban style photos, Twitter for quickly reaching out to me, or see below on other ways to find me on the web or collaborate on a project together!

Kevin Rajaram
Yup! This is a photo of inside the Freedom Tower on the 102nd floor. PC: Devin Rajaram

Let's work

If you’d like to talk about a project you want help with, need an advice about building websites, or just want to say hey, just drop me a message at kev.rajaram@gmail.com